Saturday, November 06, 2010


i just finished my dinner at sushi king. I was bloated with sushi and i feel happy about it but suddenly i saw one post at FB and my mood goes down down down! Now, I feel very 不爽 !!! The worst things is I do not know what I angry for! Arghhh~~hate this! I HOPE that I can do better than HER~!!!!!! but deep inside my heart, I know I can't.. T.T


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

RanDom~KL trip with my BFF ^^

Thinking back the times that we spent in KL,the 2days 1 night trip..It was really an enjoyable and wonderful trip,when will we have that kind of memories again..All the foods,fun and laughter that we had is still on my mind..Thanks to my buddy Mr.Beng Synn a.k.a Kage for inviting us to celebrate his birthday on a club.It was my first time to go clubbing and luckily i had my friends with me.The funniest thing that i remembered was forcing a 'princess' to go clubbing with us,xD and at last she willing to join us after all the 'lies' that we told her..LOL *BBQ Plaza (my favorite place)* *Maison*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here are some of the pictures that we took during one of our outing...Feel like uploads it because I missed those time that we used to hang out 2geta.It is one of the unforgettable outing that I had with my friends~~Now we seldom have da time to do that because one of our friends have went out study,somemore in the East Malaysia,Sabah.Cheah,I MISS YOU very much~~!!!hehehe...Do take care ya!BoGoShipO (보고싶어요) = MISS YOU!!

*Everyone had da same pose!^^

Monday, July 12, 2010


Saw this clip yesterday...Is a mv featuring BEAST's very own leader,Yoon DooJoon!!!(luv this idol group DAMN much) The song is sang by G.NA (feat Rain) and the tittle is I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better.Can't wait for the full MV to be release on 14th of July..2 more days to go..

Back From Dinner

Just come back from dinner at the Steak House~~Ermmm...the foods there are quite ok..hehe..Guess what??I saw one of my ex-colleague working at there..hehe..I really din see him for quite a time already,kind of shock see him working at there..But as long as he happy with his job,its enough..Here are some of the foods there...Enjoy~~^^

*Black Pepper Chicken Chop
*Sizzling Bla Bla Bla ( cant rmb the name )

*BBQ Chicken Chop ( A bit Off shot )

* Spaghetti Bolognise

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Re-Open ^^

Good news (for my BFF)!!i decided to continue writing my blog ad..hehehe
But i will upload da post later..dun worry~~Because i wanna go out already..
Wait for me ya~~^.^

By da ways,the blog is stil under 'renovation'.Still have a lots of thing i wanna add...Will complete it in these 2 says..Hope u all like it..=D


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thx guys~~!!

Yesterday i went out steamboat with my friends...i enjoy the meal so so much...and plus seeing all the crazy act that my friends done it just make me laugh non-stop..have u ever saw corn flakes with orange juice and soya??or baby carrot with orange juice..such a weird combination but my friends enjoy it very!and our miss phei wen ate a lot yesterday..maybe she din eat for 3 days...haha

Then we met with some of our high school friends..really miss them so had been a long time since we met last time..some of them went to further their study and my friend(*Jing theng*) will go to UK next year..All the best to her..=D

At here i would like to thanks all my beloved friends for their wishes!!i appreciate it very much!!thanks again...And special thankz to a person that wishes me so many times!!^.^